Gregory Chen Calls on Biden to Reform U.S. Immigration Courts

Gregory Chen (’98), Senior Director for Government Relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, contributed an opinion to The Hill outlining newly published recommendations by the American Immigration Lawyers Association and urging Biden to enact reform measures including a universal representation initiative, re-establishing Obama-era programs and the Office of Access to Justice, and returning the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to its intended mission (“How America’s Immigration System Can Work Again,” Nov. 11). “[T]he Trump administration has implemented an estimated 900 federal immigration acts and policies that have made it nearly impossible for asylum seekers to receive humanitarian protection. It is much harder for families to reunify, for people to become citizens, and for businesses to hire foreign workers. None of this is good for our country or the values upon which it was founded. . . . By marshaling resources and political will, President Biden can swiftly restore USCIS and the courts and ensure they become the highly effective immigration agencies that America so urgently needs.”