To Stabilize Immigration Policy, Dustin Saldarriaga Calls on Executive Branch to Check Its Power and Congress to Exercise Its Own

Dustin Saldarriaga (’11), Immigration Attorney at Scott Legal, P.C., published a piece on RealClearMarkets calling for limits to the executive’s power over immigration policymaking in the interest of long-term stability and preserving the United States’ appeal to the world’s talent (“Joe Biden Can Improve Immigration by Limiting Executive Power Over It,” Nov. 24). “Time is truly of the essence when it comes to the need for Biden to unwind Trump’s damaging immigration policies. But the long-term negative consequences of an executive branch that reverses immigration policy with each new administration should not be ignored. The practice erodes trust and confidence in the immigration system and sows fear and uncertainty among those considering whether to bring their families, their businesses, and their lives to the United States. This should concern every American, regardless of ideology.”