Chaumtoli Huq Opens Discussion on Defining Democratic Scholarship

Chaumtoli Huq (’99), Associate Professor of Law at CUNY School of Law, published a piece on Law at the Margins regarding creating the Law@theMargins platform as a means of promoting ideas on social justice and putting into practice the idea of “democratic scholarship” – developing scholarship that in its production does not reinforce the same inequities it seeks to challenge (“Law@theMargins: Cultivating the Democratic Scholar and Advancing Democratic Scholarship”). “I would like to open a conversation on who is a scholar and what does democratic scholarship look like. . . . It seems no matter how much we democratize spaces, even social justice movement spaces, our concepts of an individual that is the prime conduit of ideas still stubbornly remain. This is because we may have included marginalized voices into our work, but we have not changed the way in which we think about how ideas are produced.”