Turning the Tide in the Fight for Trans Equality: Carl Charles Proposes Immediate Reforms to the Incoming Administration

Carl Charles (’14), Staff Attorney with Lambda Legal, contributed an opinion to Thomson Reuters Foundation News outlining a policy action plan for the incoming Biden-Harris administration to improve the lives of trans people, including reversing certain executive orders and appointing leadership that will overturn anti-trans measures (“Here’s What the Incoming Biden/Harris Administration Can Do Now To Improve the Lives of Transgender People,” Nov. 19). “[P]rotections against discrimination in every part of trans people’s lives have been attacked, curtailed or all together rolled back. This includes access to healthcare, education, employment, housing, emergency shelter, public benefits, and military service. Even just the simple acknowledgment by the federal government that trans people exist in this country, and that the rights enshrined in the constitution extend to us, too, were erased.”