Alesdair Ittelson Advocates for Trans and Intersex Rights in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Alesdair Ittelson (’12), Legal Director and Chief Operating Officer, interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, published a piece on the ACLU website discussing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ fight against Idaho HB 500 which targets and excludes trans and intersex women and girls from school sports and subjects student athletes to invasive “sex verification” testing (“Attacks on Trans Athletes are Also an Attack on Intersex People,” Oct. 23). “These attacks are never about meaningfully protecting women. . . . [A] lack of awareness about trans and intersex lived realities — and the fact that many of us are actually joyful about our trans and intersex bodies — has allowed a cloud of shame and stigma to conceal what no lawsuit can change. Trans and intersex people are a part of the vast and diverse beauty of human existence. We will continue to improve upon tired understandings of sex and gender for as long as these systems exist.”