Ajmel Quereshi Discusses Trump’s Executive Order on Diversity and Inclusion Training and Its Expected Reversal under Biden

Ajmel Quereshi (’08), Senior Counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Senior Fellow at Boston College Law School, was quoted in USA Today and The Hill regarding the NAACP LDF’s lawsuit against President Trump’s executive order limiting diversity and inclusion training. “What this case does is challenge this executive order on both First Amendment grounds as well as Equal Protection grounds specifically because it tries to keep any federal contractor, federal employee or federal grantee from speaking about the history of systemic discrimination in the United States and its continuing effects.” (“Trump Administration Sued by Civil Rights Groups Over Executive Order Restricting Diversity Training,” Oct. 29). Calling the executive order “one of the most outrageous and discriminatory things that the Trump administration has done,” Ajmel confirmed that the civil rights groups will “absolutely” press ahead with their lawsuit, while noting that Biden may rescind the order upon taking office (“Trump’s Controversial Diversity Order Expected to See Swift Reversal under Biden,” Nov. 19).