Long Fight Ahead: Tamika Butler Reflects on Fleeting Solidarity and Performative Activism and Issues a Renewed Call to Action

Tamika Butler (‘09), social and racial justice advocate and Principal at Tamika L. Butler Consulting, penned a personal and critical essay for Medium reflecting on a galvanized movement in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and questioning whether this time anything was different, whether white people had seen what it is to be Black in this country, and where we go from here (“Beyond a Momentary Movement,” Aug. 27). “How many statements made months ago were revisited this week? How many companies made commitments to their Black staff that were met this week? How many new diversity hires were left to handle it on their own while putting aside their own pain? How many people put into practice anything they read in those books? What burden are you carrying? What work are you doing? Where are you? . . . What does that mean for non-Black folks? What should you do now? Do what you would do if your life and existence were at stake.”