Ray Brescia Reflects on the Impact of Fake News on Trust During Elections

Ray Brescia (‘92), Professor of Law at Albany Law School, contributed an opinion to The Hill discussing the “tool or weapon” nature of social media and approaches individuals may take to halt the spread of disinformation to preserve confidence in our institutions (“How to Fight the Onslaught of Election Disinformation,” Oct. 1). “Not only is truth seemingly up for grabs, but the media itself, which in a democracy is supposed to help filter out fake news, is subject to attack. But everyday Americans can fight back against the steady onslaught of disinformation.” Regarding social media platforms, Ray noted, “[G]iven the nature of the medium, where individual users are an integral part of the spread of information, such users also have a role to play. . . . Using this media in ways that can build trust and foster cooperation, even across difference and distance.”