Nina Perales Advocates for Latino Voting Rights and Representation in Texas

Nina Perales (‘90), Senior Vice President of Litigation for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, discussed her longstanding voting rights work on behalf of Latino voters in a profile for The GroundTruth Project’s “On the Ground” Report for America. The profile highlighted Nina’s U.S. Supreme Court victory against discriminatory redistricting practices in Texas and her current efforts focused on litigation over the U.S. Census (“‘Washed Away by the Majority’: Inside Texas Attorneys’ Long Fight for Latino Voting Rights,” Sep. 21). “[T]he Census has a bearing on political representation and on voting rights when it comes to redistricting. . . . I am ever hopeful that Texas will learn how to draw fair redistricting lines. But I’m also prepared, as are so many other voting rights advocates in Texas, to go back to court if the plans are discriminatory.”