Nina Kohn Advocates for Older Adults Facing the “Heat or Eat” Problem Compounded by Climate Change

Nina Kohn (‘03), Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law, and a faculty affiliate with the Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute, coauthored an opinion for The Hill regarding increased risks older adults face in climate change-induced sustained heat and how policymakers may assist by expanding energy efficiency accessibility and weatherization assistance (“Older Adults Are Feeling the Heat, Literally,” Aug. 29). “Older adults are more likely than younger people to experience heat exhaustion, dehydration and heat-induced cardiovascular events such as strokes. . . . [M]any must choose between maintaining safe temperatures in their homes and paying for food or needed medicines (a situation sometimes referred to as the “heat or eat” problem). . . . With temperatures rising, it is incumbent on policymakers to do more to help mitigate the impact on older adults and other vulnerable populations.”