Mason Pesek Advocates for a “Just Cause” Employment Standard

Fellow Mason Pesek (‘18), Staff Attorney at The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, coauthored a piece for Crain’s Cleveland Business discussing the Bostock v. Clayton County victory for LGBTQ+ worker protections alongside the continued threat of the “at-will” employment standard that enables employers to terminate employees for almost any reason (“The Business Argument for a ‘Just Cause’ Employment Standard,” Aug. 27). “Until at-will employment ends as the standard in Ohio and across our nation, the protections fought for by the plaintiffs in Clayton County, and the movement behind them, cannot be fully realized. . . . It is long past time that the United States joins its peers and adopts a national standard of just cause employment. The rights and concerns of workers deserve just as much care and consideration as their employers, as our standard for employment agreements should reflect. The plaintiffs in Clayton County won a massive victory for workers, but we must continue the fight for more just workplaces.”