Leigh Goodmark Discusses Decriminalizing Domestic Violence and the Shift in the Anti-Violence Movement towards Restorative Justice and Community-Based Responses

Leigh Goodmark (‘95), Professor of Law and Co-Director, Clinical Law Program at University of Maryland School of Law, was quoted in an article in The Nation discussing decriminalizing domestic violence and citing domestic abuse as among the leading causes of homelessness for women (“A Reckoning Inside the Domestic-Violence Movement,” Oct. 7). As coalitions call for ‘divestment and reallocation’ of resources in a criminal-legal system which disproportionately impacts Black and Indigenous communities and other people of color, Leigh noted that housing is the single greatest need identified by people subjected to abuse while prosecution of abusers is often not what survivors want. “Certainly if you arrest someone and hold them, they’re not committing violence against their partner during that time, but there’s no evidence that it has a deterrent effect once they’re released.”