Catherine Powell Reflects on the Intersection of Race and Gender in Voter Empowerment

Catherine Powell (‘94), Fordham University School of Law Professor, coauthored an opinion for CNN examining voter suppression as both a racial justice and a feminist issue in the context of the coinciding anniversaries of the 15th and 19th Amendments (“Two Anniversaries Trump Is Dishonoring,” Sep. 8). “The coinciding anniversaries mark an historic juncture – an inflection point in which we as women can solidify our collective power across race and class by fighting to safeguard the right to vote of all women – including for those whose vote Trump would suppress. . . . By ‘pivoting the center’ – in the words of historian Martha Jones – and centering our gaze on women of color, we can bring multiple voices into view and empower linkages between people of color and Whites, and between women, and men.”