Carl Charles Fights Transgender Discrimination in Proposed Rule Affecting Applicants to Homeless Shelters

Carl Charles (‘14), Staff Attorney with Lambda Legal, contributed a commentary to Rewire News Group discussing HUD’s proposed change to the 2016 Equal Access Rule that would threaten trans access to temporary or emergency shelters by allowing shelter operators to establish any policy whatsoever for admitting (or not) people whose “gender identity does not match their biological sex” (“Trans People Are Terrified About the Trump Administration’s New Housing Rule,” Jul. 31). “I can’t think of something we need less than shelter operators using their ‘faith’ to deny emergency housing to trans people during national health and economic crises. . . . Imagine anyone telling you that you don’t look masculine or feminine enough to have a roof over your head for a night. It’s as outrageous as it is cruel, and the administration’s efforts to subject trans folks—and anyone in need of emergency housing—to this kind of gender inquisition must not succeed.”