“An Attack on Democracy Itself” – Ray Brescia Traces the Founders’ Vision and Signals the Danger of Playing Politics with the Postal System

Ray Brescia (‘92), Professor of Law at Albany Law School, contributed a Perspective to The Washington Post tracing the critical democratizing role of the U.S. Postal Service from the Constitutional Post of 1775 to the grass-roots political movements of today (“The USPS Is a Crucial Tool for Democracy — Helping the Left and the Right Organize,” Aug. 17). “[U]ndermining the Postal Service is more than a political tactic. It is an attempt to undermine an institution that has been a crucial pillar of American democracy for longer than we have been a nation. Attacking the Postal Service is an attack on democracy itself. … [The Founders] recognized the significance of the Postal Service, understanding a functioning and safe means of communication was central to democracy, and as we are learning in a pandemic, it remains just as essential now.”