Patrice Kunesh Discusses Inclusive Prosperity for Indian Country on Marketplace Morning Report

Patrice Kunesh (‘89), Director at Peȟíŋ Haha Consulting and Development Officer at the Native American Rights Fund, was interviewed by Marketplace Morning Report on the increased pandemic-driven need to create “inclusive prosperity” through economic recovery and social welfare (“How Social Impact Bonds Could Spark Prosperity for Indian Country in a Pandemic Recovery,” Aug. 14). “Indian Country is 60 million acres of pretty much locked-up capital. We want to explore opportunities for bigger, better projects that are under the control and direction and management of the tribe. ... I do see this crisis as an opportunity for innovative thinking. So, for example, the opportunity to use social impact bonds. Investors are willing to raise funds, put money on the table for projects with a positive social outcome — and the real opportunity to provide an investment return to the investor, as well.”