Nicole Hallett Advocates for Continued Hazard Pay for Frontline Workers

University of Chicago Law Professor Nicole Hallett (‘10), Director of the Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, was quoted in a CNN Business analysis regarding an increased job market demand prompting companies to eliminate coronavirus hazard pay despite the continued risk to workers (“Retailers Are Canceling Coronavirus Hazard Pay. That’s a Mistake.” July 20). “If employers don’t have to provide hazard pay, they won’t. The fact that many companies have ended their hazard pay policies tells me they feel it’s no longer needed to attract workers. ... If companies end hazard pay policies now, they may be able to retain workers in the short run because workers have no choice. But once the economy improves, workers may move on because of how they were treated during the pandemic. Turnover is costly for businesses, and workers will remember how they are treated now.”