Catherine (KT) Albiston Discusses Dangerous Downgrade of Social Insurance Protections in an Increasingly Gig-Based Economy

KT Albiston ('95), Professor of Law at UC Berkeley School of Law, coauthored a piece for California Law Review examining how Covid-19 reveals the hazards of linking social insurance to work in an economy of precarious employment – one that places those most likely to lack protections at the most risk during pandemic (“Covid-19 Reveals Gaping Holes in U.S. Social Safety Net,” May 2020). KT considers what lessons will be learned and what the social insurance system will look like emerging from pandemic. “Covid-19 is indeed a global emergency, but for millions of families, the lack of social support in the United States has been an emergency for a long time. This isn’t a new problem, only one that is newly visible in this simultaneous health care crisis for everyone. Perhaps the long-term comparative welfare of families in industrialized countries with minimally adequate social support and the few, like the United States, without it, will show the folly of ignoring this emergency for too long.”