John Bonacorsi Rallies for Tenants’ Rights and Calls for Moratorium against Evictions

Fellow John Bonacorsi ('19), Staff Attorney at ArchCity Defenders, coauthored a piece in The St. Louis American spotlighting the threat of eviction in the wake of CARES Act rental assistance inaccessibility and decrying the communication gap that resulted in the St. Louis sheriff’s office continuing to evict families after an agreement with the court to temporarily stop evictions. (“Advocates to Judge: Extend Moratorium on Eviction Hearings as Pandemic Rages,” Aug. 5). “[I]nformal agreements and ad hoc measures are insufficient. Our local leaders must take clear and decisive action to protect the most vulnerable members of our community from losing their homes, especially due to chance or mistake. … Our city cannot continue to move forward with evictions when our government has failed to get rental assistance and other resources into the hands of those who need it most.”