Haben Girma Highlights the Intersection of Ableism with Racism at Gallaudet

Haben Girma ('13), Disability Rights Advocate, author and speaker, authored an article for The Tempest investigating the denial of housing to two DeafBlind students of color at Gallaudet University during the pandemic and discussed how the students’ experiences highlight the intersection of ableism, disability-based discrimination, with racism (“Gallaudet University Wouldn’t Provide DeafBlind Students of Color With Housing — Why?” Aug. 25). “The Americans with Disabilities Act and other civil rights laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. Despite what some people think, the pandemic does not suspend a school’s legal obligations under the ADA … Civil rights laws depend on enforcement. Students across the country face the choice to tolerate oppression or advocate for justice. When you find the courage to advocate, you help all the students who come after you.”