Doing the Work: Cathy Krebs Carves a Path for Examining and Dismantling Institutional Racism of the Child Welfare System

Cathy Krebs ('96), Committee Director, Children's Rights Litigation Committee, authored an article for The Imprint calling for the recent death of Cornelius Frederick, a 16-year old Black youth who was restrained and died while in Michigan foster care, to prompt a national conversation about the structural and institutional racism in our child welfare systems (“It’s Not Enough To Mean Well,” Aug. 12). “[W]e need to question our role within a system that has ample evidence of systemic racism and grapple every day with how we are working to challenge and dismantle it. We have to ensure that the removal of racism from child welfare isn’t dependent on people not being overtly racist or implicitly biased, but on systems not enabling racism and bias to continue unnoticed and unresolved. … We are here to serve children and families, and that means we must become anti-racist and work to end policies and practices that harm Black children and families.”