Netflix Documentary Filmmakers Summarize Takeaway from Their Six-Part Series with Becca Heller’s Description of the US Immigration System

Becca Heller (‘10), Co-Founder and Executive Director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, was quoted in a New York Times article regarding the recently released Netflix documentary, Immigration Nation, a six-part series for which filmmakers secured unprecedented access interviewing immigrants and telling their stories as well as embedding and chronicling ICE operations (“A Rare Look Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Draws Legal Threats,” July 23). The filmmakers discussed coming away from the project “with some empathy for the ICE officers, but became convinced that the entire system was harmful to immigrants and their families.” They then pointed to Becca Heller’s assessment which appears in the first episode to summarize the problem. Becca: “Is a government agency evil? No. Is every single person inside ICE evil? No. The brilliance of the system is that their job has been siphoned off in such a way that maybe what they see day to day seems justified, but when you add it up, all of the people just doing their job, it becomes this crazy terrorizing system.”