Out of a Patchwork of Uncertainty, Crafting a Blanket of Protection: Ray Brescia Discusses Systematized Housing Disparities and the Urgency of Safeguarding Renters as Pandemic Moratoriums Are Set to Expire

Ray Brescia (‘92), Professor of Law at Albany Law School, contributed an opinion to The Hill urging the adoption of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s legislation to halt evictions, a second intervention to cover back rent, and a national right to counsel for low- and moderate-income families facing eviction (“Preventing a Public Health Crisis from Turning into a Homelessness Crisis,” July 16). “Dramatic intervention is still needed, and right away, to ensure that the public health crisis is not made worse through millions of evictions, predominantly in communities of color. Failing to act would not just exacerbate the public health crisis but also the racial justice crisis in housing, making a third crisis – the current homelessness crisis – only worse.”