McGregor Smyth and Amy Laura Cahn Lead Environmental Justice Alliance in the Pursuit of Racial Equality

McGregor Smyth (‘00), Executive Director at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, and Amy Laura Cahn (‘11), Senior Attorney, Interim Director – Healthy Communities & Environmental Justice for Conservation Law Foundation, contributed to a Conservation Law Foundation call to action highlighting disparities experienced by people of color during the COVID-19 crisis as reflections of environmental racism and a long history of discrimination and segregation (“Community-Based, Environmental and Civil Rights Activists Across Country Issue Statement and Unified Demands,” July 7). Amy: “The data is clear: COVID-19 is attacking Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities at astronomical rates. For generations, our legal system has withheld resources and legal protections from these communities while shielding whiter, wealthier areas from environmental harm. Now is the time to create new systems that prioritize the rights, health, and self-determination of those who have been denied these freedoms since before this country’s inception.” McGregor: “ Our hope is that this moment of recognition of the structural nature of racial discrimination in our society makes us stronger and brings us closer to true equality, progress, and justice.”