Ohio’s Economy Is Only as Healthy as Its Most Vulnerable Workers: Mason Pesek Seeks Worker-Safety Protections

Fellow Mason Pesek (‘18), Staff Attorney with The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, co-authored an article for cleveland.com, calling for return-to work exemptions and expanded, concrete guidance on “just cause” determinations for quitting work to safeguard vulnerable workers in pandemic (“More Coronavirus Work Protections Are Needed for Low-Wage Workers,” June 10). “Ohio businesses have undeniably suffered as a result of the economic shutdown. But any economic pain must be weighed against the potential health risk and harm reopening the economy may cause to the Ohioans who have no choice but to return to work and expose themselves to the virus. We must value the economic and physical health of every Ohioan equally and provide them the proper protections and support to see them through the pandemic.”