Hugh Baran Advocates for Employees and Customers as States Enact Immunity from Coronavirus-Related Lawsuits for Businesses

Fellow Hugh Baran (‘19), Staff Attorney at the National Employment Law Project, was quoted in AP News discussing the dangers of coronavirus liability waivers including the loss of legal recourse and the risk of losing unemployment benefits for employees, as well as the disproportionate impact on Black and Latino workers (“Businesses Ask Patrons to Waive Right to Sue If They Get Ill,” June 16). “It’s a terrible choice for an employee. Do you sign this and potentially give up your legal recourse or do you refuse and feel like you are going to lose your job?” In a related story for the Des Moines Register, Hugh also discussed Iowa legislation that blocks employees from filing coronavirus-related lawsuits seeking injunctions in order to change businesses’ behavior (“Iowa Legislature Passes Bill Protecting Businesses, Nursing Homes From Coronavirus Lawsuits,” June 12).