Deserving of Second Chances: David Singleton’s Beyond Guilt Program Secures Release of Rehabilitated People in Prison with Support from Victims’ Families and Prosecutors Alike

David Singleton ‘91, the Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center and Northern Kentucky University Professor of Law, was interviewed by The Atlantic for an article regarding his program securing the release of people held in prison to stem the wave of Covid infection and to reform our system of incarceration. David discussed his work as the creator of the Beyond Guilt program, working with prosecutors and victims’ families to secure the release of those convicted of more serious crimes, including violent offenses (“Releasing People From Prison Is Easier Said Than Done,” July 8). “‘We’re the Guilty Project,’ Singleton says, laughing. ‘We want to represent people who are guilty but who are still human beings and deserve to not be written off.’” David also discussed community programs that help people as they return from prison and the increased challenges of re-entering society during pandemic. “The pandemic exacerbates the problem. Could these organizations, already operating on goodwill and a shoestring, handle hundreds or thousands of people released at once? That would stretch [them] to the limits. … The people we get out of prison will be willing to do the frontline jobs where they’re at risk. It’s almost like they can’t be at more risk than they are in prison.”