Andrew Hammond and Ariel Jurow Kleiman Consider Twin Crises of Pandemic and Weigh Long-Lasting Changes

Andrew Hammond (‘16) and Ariel Jurow Kleiman (‘14) co-authored a paper published on SSRN reviewing government response to pandemic crises and building social welfare programs to meet the needs of all Americans (“How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has and Should Reshape the American Safety Net,” June 15) “The current crisis is two-fold: epidemiological and economic. Both crises will have inordinate negative impacts on low-income households and communities of color. … The twin crises of the pandemic and recession will affect everyone the world over, but none as catastrophically as the poor. The inadequacy of our band-aid responses to these longstanding social fissures are now laid bare. But, more than merely holding a magnifying glass to our collective failures, these crises present an opportunity for meaningful change.”