Suzanne Goldberg Examines Legal and Medical Challenges of the LGBT Community during Pandemic

Suzanne Goldberg ('91), Columbia Law Professor and Founder, Sexuality & Gender Law Clinic, contributed a chapter to Columbia Law's Law in the Time of COVID-19 e-book project spotlighting LGBT health risks and legal vulnerabilities born of persistent bias and federal withdrawal of antidiscrimination protections ("COVID-19 and LGBT Rights," Apr. 20). "Managing the challenges presented by COVID-19 is daunting for nearly everyone in the United States and elsewhere. For many LGBT people in the U.S., the backdrop of stigma and discrimination can make access to healthcare, social services and basic legal protections especially difficult. At the same time, LGBT communities have developed extraordinary resilience over decades of responding to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, pushing back against stigma, and making claims for equality and basic human dignity."