Shirley Lin Declares Bostock Landmark Victory for LGBTQIA+ Communities

Shirley Lin ('11), Acting Assistant Professor at NYU School of Law, published a piece on the Human Rights At Home Blog (LPB Network) regarding an unexpected result in Bostock – providing a categorical rule that one's status, "trait or actions" related to sexual orientation or gender identity, is "sex"-based ("SCOTUS' Landmark Reading of Title VII "Sex" As Encompassing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity," June 15). "Particularly in light of the Trump Administration's relentless assault on the legal rights of LGBTQIA+ communities, the decision has potent implications for Title IX, which is viewed as analytically identical to Title VII and yielded equally momentous public-school student victories that propelled public support for communities nationwide to affirm transgender students' gender identity. Today's decision indeed marked a euphoric moment for the triumph of principle over ends-driven interpretation." In a related piece contributed to JURIST, Shirley reflected on the recent death of Bostock plaintiff Aimee Stephens ("Aimee Stephens and Preserving Our Broader Understandings of Sex," May 18).