Scott Colom Shares a Story of Redemption and a Mother's Passionate Prayer: Be a Beacon of Light

When Scott Colom took over as DA and asked a mother to consider the State's accepting a plea in her son's murder case, Lillie Richardson's answer surprised him. In the Mississippi Free Press, Scott Colom ('09), District Attorney, Sixteenth Circuit Court of Mississippi, recounts a family's story of finding peace – a mother's undying love for her murdered son and the relationship she sought with her son's killer ("Forgive Thy Neighbor: Quinton Erby Killed Lillie Richardson's Son. She Forgave Him," May 21). "At first, Lillie decided to pray for Quinton. After each prayer, though, as she found herself closer and closer to forgiveness, she also realized forgiveness wasn't enough. … In early 2020, six years after her son's murder, Lillie decided the only way she could know she had truly forgiven Quinton was to support him while he was in prison."