Ray Brescia Talks Technology in Service of the Real Work: Building Connection to Shape a Common Destiny

In an opinion piece for The Hill, Ray Brescia ('92), Professor of Law at Albany Law School, reflected on the concurrence of rising technologies and the human rights advances hard-won by the movements that harnessed them ("It's Not the Technology, It's the Movement," June 8). "These new technologies are exposing police violence and racism more broadly and may also help bring about social change. … Today's technologies, like those of the past, hold out the promise that they can, perhaps, help foster positive social change by linking us together in ways that build empathy, highlight the importance of shared sacrifice, facilitate the sharing of ideas and coordination of action, and ultimately realize a more perfect union. But the technologies alone will not do that. … Only through the hard work of organizing for racial justice and fighting other forms of oppression, even in a pandemic, will the promise of positive social change become a reality."