Breaking Barriers to Pandemic Benefits: Jenna Statfeld Harris Leads Bay Area Efforts

Jenna Statfeld Harris ('10), Attorney with Bay Area Legal Aid, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on the topic of her Emergency COVID FIG Grant – the challenges the homeless and others face in obtaining emergency pandemic benefits, including non-filer IRS status, access to the internet, and the closure of libraries and other resources ("Answering Questions on Stimulus Payments, Unemployment and Help for the Homeless," June 6). "The people who need it most immediately need to jump through 18 hoops to get it." Jenna's FIG will be applied to collecting, compiling and distributing critical and time-sensitive information about pandemic related benefits to low-income individuals with disabilities in the Bay Area, and advocating on a policy level to ensure a fairer and more streamlined process of government benefit disbursement in the future.