In Favor of Just Cause: Jared Odessky Talks Flipping the Burden of Proof and Filling in the Patchwork of Federal Anti-Discrimination Protections

On the heels of the landmark Bostock anti-discrimination decision, Incoming Fellow Jared Odessky published a piece on Data for Progress making a case for just cause to limit the near-authoritarian power of employers in at-will states ("Just Cause Is a Civil Rights Issue," June 16). "More than fifty years after Title VII was enacted, discrimination still pervades the American workplace; agencies that enforce our anti-discrimination statutes process over 100,000 cases per year. The law is not keeping up. … One thing is certain: existing law is no longer sufficient to protect American workers. By allowing employees to assert more effective claims to a broader range of discrimination, just cause would bring civil rights far closer to their initial promise."