Diana Newmark Pinpoints Perils for Students and Teachers in Arizona's Mandatory Reporting Law

As Tucson's largest school district reconsiders the use of law enforcement officers in its schools, Diana Newmark ('13), Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona School of Law, published an op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star warning of the inherent dangers in the state's mandatory reporting law ("Local Opinion: What AZ Schools Must Consider With Police," June 17). "Teachers may feel wary about alerting law enforcement officers to student discipline issues, with concerns about racism, bias, and police violence. But the mandatory reporting law puts teachers in a challenging position: report the student or potentially face criminal consequences. … As school districts are considering whether to sever ties with local police departments, it is important to remember that policing student behavior goes far beyond police presence on campus. Limiting the number of law enforcement officers in schools is just the beginning."