Claudia Flores Reveals Findings of New IHRC Report: Police Policies in 20 of the US' Largest Cities Fail to Meet International Human Rights Standards for Use-of-Force

In a new report from the University of Chicago Law School International Human Rights Clinic, Claudia Flores ('03), Director of the IHRC, and her team provide recommendations to Congress, state legislatures, and police departments for taking substantial and immediate steps to bring police use-of-force policies into compliance with human rights standards ("New IHRC Report: In Largest US Cities, Police Use-of-Force Policies Fail to Meet Human Rights Standards," June 8). "Police lethal use-of-force policies provide the primary source of guidance and accountability for officer discretion to use force in any given situation—and police in this country have a great deal of discretion. … Clear constraints on police discretion are critical to protecting the human rights of all people—especially members of marginalized or disempowered communities."