Carole Vigne Advocates for Ride Share Drivers and Restaurant Workers Hard Hit by Pandemic

Carole Vigne ('07), Senior Staff Attorney and Director, Wage Protection Program with Legal Aid at Work, was consulted by The New York Times regarding a recent complaint filed in federal court against Governor Cuomo and New York's Department of Labor for failing to pay standard benefits to Uber and Lyft drivers in a timely way ("Uber and Lyft Drivers Sue for New York Unemployment Benefits," May 26). Carole related the uneven experiences of California Uber and Lyft drivers in receiving traditional unemployment benefits during the crisis, running the gamut from six weeks to "not yet" to being re-routed to the pandemic assistance program without explanation. Carole was also quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle regarding a class-action victory for Bay Area restaurant employees ("Burma Superstar Workers Awarded $1.3 Million in Class-Action Settlement," June 3). "[The pandemic] has exposed the gaping holes in our country's safety nets and widened the inequalities that exist. … We hope better jobs await restaurant workers as they return to work."