From Brown to Now: Cara McClellan Honors Black Girl Heroes and Their Crusade for Racial Equity in Education

Cara McClellan ('17), Assistant Counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, published a piece on the LDF blog championing the advocacy of young Black women then and now – both the change-agents of the last century and those who carry on the fight for educational equity today ("The Girls who Shaped Brown v. Board of Education Their Untold Stories and the Sacrifices that Made Today's Fight for Educational Equity Possible," May 17). "These young women expressed a duty to advocate for justice when they believe conditions at school are unfair. They expressed concern not only with instances of individual unfair treatment, but systematic inequity, including the quality of education, disparities in discipline, police brutality, and a lack of financial investment in their schools. These girls felt it was unjust that their schools were plagued with problems that did not exist in other whiter, more affluent schools—problems about which they were expected not to complain."