Ben Sachs Calls for Limits on the Power of Police Unions

Ben Sachs ('99), Professor of Labor and Industry at Harvard Law School, published a piece on examining the role of collective bargaining in preventing police accountability for racist killings and denying its power to unions who abuse it ("Police Unions: It's Time to Change the Law and End the Abuse," June 4). "The killing of George Floyd and the events of the last week require us to recognize that police unions have abused the power of collective bargaining in indefensible ways. When unions use the power of collective bargaining for ends that we, as a democratic society, deem unacceptable it becomes our responsibility – including the responsibility of the labor movement itself – to deny unions the ability to use collective bargaining for these purposes. … Changes to the law governing police unions are necessary and must be sufficiently robust to enable far-reaching reform of police practice."