Sarah St. Vincent Warns Domestic Violence Survivors Face Abuser Surveillance in Receiving Online Counseling

Sarah St. Vincent ('11), Director of the Clinic to End Tech Abuse at Cornell University, was quoted in The New York Times highlighting the risk domestic violence survivors face in being monitored by their abusers while receiving at-home support ("Why a Drop in Domestic Violence Reports Might Not Be a Good Sign," Apr. 17). "We see survivors more dependent on technologies that they're not fully in control of."

In an Axios article citing technology abuse as the most prevalent form of domestic abuse, Sarah also cautioned that abusers twist technology for hacking and stalking ("How Domestic Abusers Tap Technology — And How To Stop Them," May 7). "Just as everyone right now is using technology, abusers can also use technology to get any kind of information imaginable." With respect to privacy settings and storing information, she added "The tech industry could do a better job from the ground up. … Tech abuse is sticky. It can enable abusers to control their partners even after the person has left house or relationship."