Militza Pagan Leads Challenge to Implementation of Charge Rule in Illinois

Militza Pagan ('17), an attorney with the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, was quoted twice recently by WBEZ Chicago NPR. After the Supreme Court struck down a temporary injunction against the implementation of the new "public charge" rule, Militza continues the fight, now in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. ("Fight Against New Public Charge Rule Continues In Illinois," Feb. 26). "This is an attack on people of color and low-income families. The Trump Administration has radically and dramatically changed the rules to make it harder for people who are not wealthy to emigrate to or remain in the U.S."

In another WBEZ piece, Militza explained that certain immigrants who are eligible for unemployment assistance may fear long-term consequences of applying for short-term benefits. In "There's No Safety Net To Catch Undocumented Immigrants Left Jobless During The Pandemic," Mar. 27, Militza urged, "Immigrants don't need to worry about the way this [unemployment benefits] may affect their chances of becoming a legal permanent resident, as unemployment benefits are exempted from the public charge rule."