Diane Thompson Addresses Mortgage Repayments and Debt Collections in Pandemic

Diane Thompson ('94), Of Counsel to the National Consumer Law Center, was interviewed by PBS Newshour in a Q&A advising mortgage holders on current concerns, regulations and options ("What to Do If You Can't Afford to Pay Your Mortgage Right Now," Apr. 30). "We're going to need concerted, effective leadership at the federal level to prevent another major housing crisis, like we saw in 2007 and 2008. One immediate risk is that the lenders have to keep advancing the payments on the mortgages."

Diane also co-authored an op-ed for Morning Consult calling for the CFPB to initiate a national solution to aggressive debt collection practices in the current environment ("It's Time to Ban Dangerous Debt Collection Threatening Public Health During COVID-19," Apr. 30). "The current pandemic has further exposed the fragility of the American consumer finance system. The CFPB was born of the last financial crisis. As our nation faces its next great financial crisis, it's time for the CFPB to do its job."