Chaumtoli Huq Reflects on Eileen Boris' New Book and Places Rural and Domestic Workers at the Heart of Necessary Change

Chaumtoli Huq ('99), Associate Professor at CUNY School of Law, contributed an article to LAWCHA Labor Online's Boris Roundtable considering home as a site of labor, the need for socialist-feminist research and the formation of transnational networks to secure rights within the ILO/UN system ("Realizing the Global Labor Rights of Domestic and Rural Women Workers: Fight for Global Standards Must Continue at the Grassroots Level," Mar. 10). "Now, as we look at the future of work, we must keep rural women workers and domestic workers central to any path forward because they challenge dominant ideas of labor and economic development that continue to marginalize poor women… We must support grassroots formations because this ensures the path forward to ensure labor standards in the years to follow."