Steve Choi Discusses Proposed State Bills and NY Global Entry Ban

Former Fellow Steve Choi (’04), the executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, commented on the ban preventing New Yorkers from enrolling in the Department of Homeland Security’s trusted traveler programs for a story in The New York Times (“‘Extortion’: N.Y. Assails Trump Administration Over Traveler Programs,” Feb. 6). “We don’t see any Utahans being denied Global Entry, so it seems obvious this is part of Trump’s campaign targeting New York City, targeting New York State and targeting the protections we have provided for immigrant communities,” Steve said. Steve also commented in the Daily News on the efforts to guarantee the right to a lawyer for those facing deportation (“New Push To Grant Immigrants Right to Counsel Gains Support From Advocates and Lawmakers,” Jan. 15) and on noncitizen taxation and representation (“Immigrant New Yorkers Authorized To Work in U.S. May Get Voting Rights in City Elections Under Proposed Council Bill,” Jan. 21.)