Maya Wiley Reviews Impeachment Trial and Digital Voting Machines

Former Fellow Maya Wiley (’92), the senior vice president for social justice at the New School, wrote an article for The Atlantic examining the significance of the Senate's conduct in the impeachment trial (“This Is a Trial of the Constitution Itself,” Jan. 27). "To condone the president’s behavior — and, unforgivably, to not even adequately investigate it — is to shift power further into the executive, to break the provisions for oversight that the Constitution created, and to take a major step toward the sort of consolidated power the Framers sought to avoid," Maya said. Maya also joined with New York City officials and public advocacy groups to oppose new touchscreen voting machines. The Daily News reported on the group’s letter to the Board of Elections (“Advocates and Lawmakers Call on Board of Elections To Vote ‘No’ on New Machines,” Jan. 14), which urged the board not to “undermine our progress, making our elections less secure, and jeopardizing New York City’s upcoming Ranked Choice Voting elections.”