Thirteen Former Fellows Sign Onto Letter Analyzing Impeachment

Former Fellows Jeffrey Selbin (’89), Elizabeth Cooper (’90), Sarah Cleveland (’93), Jonathan Zasloff (’94), Michael Wishnie (’95), Carolyn Grose (’96), Doni Gewirtzman (’98), Anita Sinha (’01), Carrie Bettinger-Lopez (’04), Elizabeth Keyes (’04), Daniel Farbman (’08), Brandon Weiss (’08) and Nicole Hallett (’10) are among the legal scholars who signed an open letter addressing lawmakers’ rights to remove the president from office, which was covered in The Washington Post (“More Than 500 Law Professors Say Trump Committed ‘Impeachable Conduct,’” Dec. 6). “Conduct need not be criminal to be impeachable,” the group of professors wrote. “Impeachment is a remedy for grave abuses of the public trust.