Eunice Cho and Julie Su Comment on Unpaid Wage and Labor Violation Judgments

Former Skadden Fellows Eunice Cho (’10) and Julie Su (’94) were quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on a report that Eunice co-authored about the difficulties low-wage workers face in collecting unpaid wages (“Many Low-Wage Workers Who Won Judgments Were Never Paid,” June 27). The report stated that, from 2008 to 2011, only 17 percent of court-ordered claims for back pay and labor law penalties were collected. Companies representing three-fifths of unpaid wage judgments legally vanished. “Businesses are dissolved, licenses canceled, and it’s very hard for workers to get their money,” said Eunice. Julie, California’s labor commissioner, commented on a case in which her office issued citations against a garment maker after an investigation revealed it changed its name to avoid paying previous citations. “This case demonstrates our commitment not just to addressing wage theft but also to cracking down on the shell games used to avoid detection,” Julie said.