Shira Wakschlag Advocates for Disabled

Skadden Fellow Shira Wakschlag of Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund was interviewed on KPFA radio of Berkeley, Calif., about a complaint she helped file on behalf of California public benefits applicants and recipients with disabilities (July 18). The complaint claimed state-administered programs, such as CalWORKs (a welfare program), the In-Home Supportive Services program and MediCal, fail to provide accessible services through reasonable accommodations mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act. “If an applicant or recipient with a disability is unable to fill out a form on their own or requires a home visit or a sign language interpreter ... these accommodations are to be provided by law. But counties are largely failing to provide these accommodations. [This] often results in people being terminated from cash aid, which they desperately need to live their daily lives with independence and dignity,” Shira said.