Cassie Chambers’ Op-Ed Draws State Senate to Action

As reported by Louisville, Kentucky, TV station Wave 3, an op-ed recently published by Fellow Cassie Chambers (‘16) has caught the attention of state Sen. Morgan McGarvey (“New Bill Would Force State to Pay Legal Fees of Abusive Spouses,” Jan. 9). The op-ed discussed a state law requiring people seeking divorces to pay for their spouse’s attorney if the spouse is incarcerated, even if the incarcerated person has assaulted them. “This is an injustice and … we’re going to work in a bipartisan way to fix it,” Sen. McGarvey said. As reported by the Courier Journal, Sen. McGarvey has filed a bill that would require the state to pay the legal costs of the abuser in such divorce cases (“Wife Stuck Paying for Abusive Husband’s Divorce Lawyer Because He’s in Jail — And It’s Kentucky Law,” Jan. 9).