Becca Heller, Other Fellows Cited in Travel Ban Coverage

Former Skadden Fellow Becca Heller ('10) was profiled in The New York Times for her work as founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project ("A Travel Ban's Foe: A Young Firebrand and Her Pro Bono Brigade," May 7). The profile cited the organization's successful court challenge to the Trump administration's second travel ban and her role in mobilizing lawyers to help those impacted by the first. Of the lawyers who rushed to airports, the profile said, "The public saw not so much a spontaneous reaction as the meticulous preparation of a loud, pugnacious 35-year-old lawyer who is now in the middle of one of Mr. Trump's biggest policy fights." Former Skadden Fellow Mike Wishnie ('95) was quoted in the article as referring to Becca's "mastery and courage." Mike was Becca's professor at Yale Law School.

The New York Times also quoted former Fellow Omar Jadwat ('02) of the ACLU in coverage of the case ("Judges Weigh Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Remarks at Appeals Court Hearing," May 8). Omar, who represents people and groups challenging the order, said the volume and specificity of calls for a "Muslim ban" by President Trump and his advisers could not be ignored in deciding whether the revised ban is constitutional.